The bold new collaboration from Carhartt W.I.P. and Vans designed by P.A.M. founder Shauna T showcases a spring/summer oriented take on some classics from the Vans and Carhatt lineups. The playful pink banana motif seen throughout takes the edge off of Carhartt’s work-wear steeze, all the while keeping the silhouettes we know and love intact. You can grab yours now if you’re feeling the collection.

carhartt-wip-pam-vans_12 carhartt-wip-pam-vans_11 carhartt-wip-pam-vans_10 carhartt-wip-pam-vans_09 carhartt-wip-pam-vans_08 carhartt-wip-pam-vans_07 carhartt-wip-pam-vans_06 carhartt-wip-pam-vans_05 carhartt-wip-pam-vans_04 carhartt-wip-pam-vans_03 carhartt-wip-pam-vans_02

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