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Nike SB Socks – Denim ‘Reese Forbes’

Nike SB is will be dropping another set of socks inspired by the 'Reese Forbes' SB Dunk Low that released in 2002. You can expect these to drop in February. Via NSB

Nike SB Dunk Low ‘Ebay’

In 2007, The Nike SB Dunk Low 'Ebay' was up for auction and ended up selling for $30,000. No one knew who or where the bid came from but many have speculated that the Ebayer who listed the pair was putting his own bids in to hype it up. The display model for the auction was displayed and cut into 4 pieces in the Nike booth at the ASR show right after the auction closed. The 4 piece remains of the Ebay dunk were shipped to the winner to ensure the authenticity of Nike’s promise to only make one pair. All proceeds were split between the Tim Brauch Foundation and Skaters For Portland Skateparks. Via NSB

Nike SB Dunk High ‘Don Quixote’ Sample

You can always come across an unreleased sample that was set to be released during the 'Hay-Day' years of the Nike SB Dunk line. This Nike SB Dunk High was labeled the SB Dunk High 'Hay' due to strands of 'Hay' designed on the sole. This SB Dunk High is now known as the 'Don Quixote' was designed through inspirations from a novel written by Spanish author Miguel de Cervantes. The shoe features a stitched zig-zag design and brown colorway to signify Don Quixote and his travels through mud and hay. After the Jump, You can see more detailed pics of the Nike SB Dunk High 'Don Quixote' Sample. via NSB

Nike SB Exhibition Display at Bright Winter 2011 Berlin

The Bright Tradeshow in Berlin showcases up and coming Skateboard Brands, Streetwear and Sneakers ranging from Nike to other Sneaker Brands. On the SB side, Nike displayed an SB build out that showcased a History of the Nike Dunk (much like the book) concept with SB dunks that have released in the past 10 years. Wall's featured photos of Past and Present Nike SB skaters along with a time line on when every shoe was released. The Nike SB Display also showed a few 2011 models mixed in with the classics. After the Jump, You can peep a the whole exhibition recap. Via dunkbar

Nike SB Blazer ‘Jet Life’ By JBF Customs

Inspired by rapper Curren$y 'Jet Life' lifetsyle, Sneaker customizer JBF created a custom Nike SB Blazer that features an all money green suede, cloud swoosh with a jet that follows into the back. Most Curren$y fans know what this particular 'Jet Life' Custom signifies. More after the jump! Via JBF

History of the Nike SB Dunk Pro Book 1985-2011 New Images

The Nike SB Dunk Pro Book can now be found at your local Nike SB retailer. It’s already been 26 years since the debut of the Nike SB concept. Since 1985, the shoe has been changed from having a fat tongue, to a regular dunk low tongue and then being switched back as well as the addition of a new 2011 sole.We’ve also witnessed the highlights of the SB series throughout the 2000′s with Lucky’s, Tiff’s, Melvin’s and so on. The History of the Nike SB Dunk Pro Book that covers everything and anything SB to date. The book features a unique back and front cover with the regular dunk sole on one side and the 2011 sole on the other. This book is a definite must for Nike SB fans all across the world. Via Dunk

Nike SB Dunk Low – Maroon – Gold

Another SB set to drop this year is the Nike SB Dunk Low Maroon - Gold. The shoe shares similar aspects as the 'Ron Burgundy' SB Dunk Low as well as having a Metallic Gold swoosh like the 'Takashi' SB. The shoe features a white midsole, a suede maroon ankle strap and a darker shade on the tip/eyestay. You can catch these around July. Via NSB

Nike SB Blazer – Bog Green-Black

T [nike-sb-blazer-bog-green-black-2] he Nike SB Blazer 'Bog' has already made their way into Asian markets for 2011. We posted a sample pair a few days ago that looks very different from the final product pictured on the left. The final product features a slightly darker sole,rugged bog green upper and black swoosh. Expect these to hit the American market soon. Via NSB

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