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Air Jordan 16 (XVI) Ray Allen Player Exclusive

This week past was a turning point for Ray Allen's career as he became the greatest three-point shooter in the history of the NBA. But aside from his glorious achievements, You can't talk about Ray Allen's career without mentioning the P.E's he's rocked throughout the years. Ray Allen rocked the Air Jordan XIII (13) 'Mektoub' the night he broke the 3 point record and now we have a look at another P.E. After the jump, You can check out full detailed images of the Air Jordan 16 (XVI) Ray Allen Player Exclusive that features a white, green and grey colorway with RAY 34 stitched on the strap. More after the jump! Via HC

Air Jordan XIII 13 – White – Navy – Gilbert Arenas PE ?

Gilbert Arenas has been rocking nothing but grails for a few months now and yesterday, Arenas brought out a pair of Air Jordan XIII 13's similar to Mikael Petrius's P.E. The shoe features white and navy with no PE logo. Could this be a sign that GA will be signing with Jordan Brand soon? After the jump, You can check out a closer image. Via AK

Air Jordan 13 Ray Allen Boston Home Player Exclusive Releasing

The Air Jordan 13 Ray Allen Boston Home PE will be releasing. Ray Allen wore the Air Jordan 13 during a Home game at Boston.

Air Jordan 13 Ray Allen Boston Home PE

The Air Jordan 13 Ray Allen Boston Home PE will be releasing in the Boston Home Colorway. This will be Ray Allens first Air Jordan 13 release to the public.

Air Jordan 10 X – Mitch Richmond Player Exclusive

The Air Jordan 10 Sacramento Mitch Richmond PE is very rare. Here you can get a glimpse of what these 15 year old Air Jordan 10 Player Exclusives look like.

Nike Hyperdunk 2011 – Blake Griffin ‘10.0’ Slam Dunk Contest

Blake Griffin lit up the All-Star 2011 Dunk contest a few hours ago-scoring nothing but 10's that added up to a perfect 50 by the judges. Aside from his leap over the KIA, Blake was rocking the Nike Hyperdunk 2011 that featured a red colorway with a glow affect. The shoe also features high richter scale magnitudes on the heel and sole with crack prints to go along with the 'Earthquake' theme. Blake Griffin's Hyperdunk 2011 was one of the best P.Es at this years dunk contest. Check out some detailed images after the jump!

Nike Kobe 9 EM “Home & Away”

After the initial Kobe 9 EM drop, you can expect Nike Basketball to deliver new colorways in the low version just as quickly as their high top counterparts. No news yet on what will...

Air Jordan 2010 – Dwyane Wade P.E Heat Colorway

During a an interview by TSG, Gentry stated that Dwayne Wade would have to go down the P.E route before He has his own signature shoe by Jordan Brand.  Though we won't see...

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