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Air Jordan 2010 2K10 Oregon Ducks Player Exclusive

The Oregon Ducks have to be one of the most privileged college teams in the U.S having the Air Jordan IX as a team shoe, the freshest uniform and now the Air Jordan 2010 2k10. These were specially made for the Oregon Duck to wear on media day in commemoration for the 2011 BCS Championship Game against Auburn. The shoe features an elephant print upper with the Oregon logo on the back. These are up for grabs on Ebay! More detailed images after the jump!

Air Jordan X Penny Hardaway “Orlando” Player Exclusive Custom

Note: Now before we get all excited, We would like to point out that these are OG "Orlando" X's and have been customized. These are not Fake. For the past few years, an unknown customizer by the name of "Mr.Lu" has been adding his own work to several Air Jordan's by altering them and passing them off as P.E's. However, just like any sneaker customizer, think of Mr.Lu as a "P.E Customizer". Though his work is hard to come by, You can sometimes find an altered pair like this OG Customized Air Jordan X "Orlando" with Penny Hardaway's Number 1 on the side. We showed you Mitch Richmond's "Sacramento" X a few day's ago and now we give you what NTer's call, The "Lu Special". After the jump, you can see more pics of this custom Penny P.E and overall, We think FRESH. That is all...Via NT

Nike Zoom Lebron III – ‘Oakland Raiders’ Player Exclusive

Just when we thought we'd seen the last of the Nike Zoom Lebron III, LRJ23 hits us with another surprise of a never before seen colorway of the Nike Zoom Lebron III. This Nike Zoom Lebron III features the Raiders colorway of Black, Grey and White and was never released to the public. LRJ23 is probably the only one to have seen or obtain a pair. Detailed pics after the jump! Happy 3 Year Anniversary Matt!

Chris Paul Warms up in Air Jordan 12 PE

Chris Paul was spotted warming up in a pair of Air Jordan 12 's that feature Black and what looks like to be Orion. The Air Jordan 12 Black - Orion coincides with the Hornets Away Uniform color and will probably be rocked in tonight's game against the Lakers.

Nike Kobe 9 EM “Home & Away”

After the initial Kobe 9 EM drop, you can expect Nike Basketball to deliver new colorways in the low version just as quickly as their high top counterparts. No news yet on what will...

Air Jordan 13 Ray Allen Boston Home PE

The Air Jordan 13 Ray Allen Boston Home PE will be releasing in the Boston Home Colorway. This will be Ray Allens first Air Jordan 13 release to the public.

Air Jordan 10 X – Mitch Richmond Player Exclusive

The Air Jordan 10 Sacramento Mitch Richmond PE is very rare. Here you can get a glimpse of what these 15 year old Air Jordan 10 Player Exclusives look like.

Nike Hyperfuse 2011 Rajon Rondo PE

Rajon Rondo laces up the Nike Hyperfuse 2011 in the upcoming NBA season.

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