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Air Jordan 2011 – Ray Allen Player Exclusive

Ray Allen has been rocking a few gems this month beginning with the Air Jordan XIII 'Mektoub' and now the Air Jordan 2011 'East' which he was seen rocking during the All-Star game. The Air Jordan 2011 has had one heck of a weekend and there's nothing like having the greatest three point shooter in history end the all-star season with them on. After the jump, You can check out a bigger image plus a few more provided by Aaronknows

Nike Hyperdunk 2011 – Blake Griffin ‘10.0’ Slam Dunk Contest

Blake Griffin lit up the All-Star 2011 Dunk contest a few hours ago-scoring nothing but 10's that added up to a perfect 50 by the judges. Aside from his leap over the KIA, Blake was rocking the Nike Hyperdunk 2011 that featured a red colorway with a glow affect. The shoe also features high richter scale magnitudes on the heel and sole with crack prints to go along with the 'Earthquake' theme. Blake Griffin's Hyperdunk 2011 was one of the best P.Es at this years dunk contest. Check out some detailed images after the jump!

Air Jordan 16 (XVI) Ray Allen Player Exclusive

This week past was a turning point for Ray Allen's career as he became the greatest three-point shooter in the history of the NBA. But aside from his glorious achievements, You can't talk about Ray Allen's career without mentioning the P.E's he's rocked throughout the years. Ray Allen rocked the Air Jordan XIII (13) 'Mektoub' the night he broke the 3 point record and now we have a look at another P.E. After the jump, You can check out full detailed images of the Air Jordan 16 (XVI) Ray Allen Player Exclusive that features a white, green and grey colorway with RAY 34 stitched on the strap. More after the jump! Via HC
Ray Allen Air Jordan 13 Player Exclusive Boston Home

Air Jordan XIII (13) Ray Allen Player Exclusive

Tonight, Ray Allen went down as the greatest three-point shooter in NBA history. During the game, Ray Allen broke records and necks with his Air Jordan XIII (13) Player Exclusive. The shoe features Celtic green and white with Ray stitched on the tongue. More images after the jump! Update: The inscription on Ray Allens P.E reads 'MEKTOUB' which means 'It was written to' or 'Destined to be' in Egyptian.

Jordan Brand Oregon Ducks Collection

Not only do the Oregon Ducks have the freshest shoe on campus but also threads sponsored by Jordan Brand. The Oregon Ducks are decked out in JB apparel along with the Air Jordan 2010 O.D player exclusive that are pictured on the left. Could the Oregon Ducks rock another retro next season? We'll have to wait to find out! More after the jump! Via Aaron Tseng Air Jordan IX Oregon Ducks P.E

Air Jordan XI (11) Low – Black – Varsity Red – White

Player Exclusives existed way before the P.E market boom in the mid-late 2000's. One memorable Player Exclusive we can all recall seeing in the mid 90's was the Air Jordan XI (11) Low - Black / Varsity Red – White. During the 1996 Finals against the Seattle Sonics, Michael Jordan was spotted rocking a low version of the Air Jordan XI (11) Low - Black / Varsity Red – White. There are two different versions of this model that share the same CW. The model MJ rocked is the XI Low pictured on the left and the other was used for promo ads etc. After the Jump, You can check out more images of both versions. Check out the Air Jordan XI (11) Low 'Concord' - Derek Anderson P.E Here Check out the Air Jordan XI (11) Low 'Concord' - Derek Anderson P.E Here

Air Jordan XI (11) Low ‘Concord’ – Derek Anderson Player Exclusive

Remember that Air Jordan XI (11) Low Michael Jordan wore at the championship rally in 96? well if you don't then we don't blame you because they never released to the public and rarely can you come across an actual pair or even pictures of the Air Jordan XI (11) Low 'Concord'. One player that got a real close look at the XI Concord Low was Derek Anderson when he played for the San Antonio Spurs. Anderson rocked the Air Jordan XI (11) Low 'Concord' during his home and away games. The Air Jordan XI (11) Low 'Concord' - Derek Anderson Player Exclusive featured his initials 'D.A' and number '1' stitched on the tongue. Would you like to see these come back one day as well? maybe one day but the good news is that the Air Jordan XI (11) 'Concord' will be coming back in it's true form this holiday season. Stick with Modern Notoriety for all your Air Jordan Player Exclusive and sample news for 2011 and then on!

Nike Zoom Lebron III – ‘Oakland Raiders’ Player Exclusive

Just when we thought we'd seen the last of the Nike Zoom Lebron III, LRJ23 hits us with another surprise of a never before seen colorway of the Nike Zoom Lebron III. This Nike Zoom Lebron III features the Raiders colorway of Black, Grey and White and was never released to the public. LRJ23 is probably the only one to have seen or obtain a pair. Detailed pics after the jump! Happy 3 Year Anniversary Matt!

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