No, we’re not making this up. The infamous R&B singer and sneakerhead Chris Brown rolled his Lamborghini Aventador over to the local custom shop, and had it painted to match this years iconic “Fighter Jet” Foamposite from Nike. A hand-painted affair, this job took a few weeks and came out looking pretty similar to the much loved Foam that Brown dropped off along with his prized vehicle. While the Fighter Jets will run you a few hundred dollars, this pair paint job racked Brown up a bill to the R&B tune of 15 thousand dollars, more than a couple pairs of Yeezy’s would run you. It’s not the first time Brown has painted a luxury ride, but this sneaker oriented whip is sure to get the sneakerheads going. Click through to see the process they went through to “Fighter Jet” out this super car. More photos after the jump.



Photos via: tmz




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