If it’s one thing we can appreciate about the Sneaker Culture, it would be it’s World Wide Notoriety that has spread throughout the years. New concepts always arise and at the other side of the world, there’s always something new.

Recently, Civilist in Berlin opened up shop and Modern Notoriety brings you the inside scoop straight from dunkbar on how writers for Lowdown magazine brought their passion together and created a Sneaker Shop concept after years of developing contacts with brands and individuals. Pictures of the New shop after the jump following a questionnaire from dunkbar.

Foley / Hesse, you have a civilian in Berlin opened. How did that happen?

We worked together for years at Lodown magazine and other projects and have previously been out for years aufm Brett, from which have developed contacts with brands, artists, creators and publishers who are represented here in Berlin is not adequate. So we wanted to create an environment that can be found in the selected Brands – take place but also art, music or events. Straight through the experiences of Lodown or “untitled”, it was important to provide all aspects of our dominant culture is a physical presence. On the way to his own shop, we have, together with the Lodown Marok Gallery “West Berlin made” and Pascal Schmidt with the Nike SB Pop-Up Store in Torstrasse. In December last year we have opened the store a civilian, according to which we have found relatively quickly a shop that met our requirements in terms of health issue, size and location.

How did the name and what does a civilian for you?

Until unification in 1990 the residents of West Berlin were not drafted into the military service of the Bundeswehr. Lag on political rather idiosyncratic status of the city, which was still under control of the Western Allies. We both come from the west of the old City Wall, raised in the faith, not to have the army. Civilian by decree. Beautiful privilege. Then we refer by the name of civilian, the language is even more of a hybrid version.

And yes. By the fall of the wall and the 2 +4 Treaty, Berlin lost its special status, patterning decisions then landed with us, but we could herumlavieren the service. If both are not big fans of the draft.

What do you think of Berlin in relation to the sneaker scene?

Unbelievable, what has happened in recent years. Hikmet with Solebox, Marley and Simon North, Overkill and the sneakers Nazi Berlin by Christopher and Christine have placed on the plan. Lodown, Style and blogs such as Sneaker have TV spreads the scenario further. But real pioneer Niklas, Brilli, Oli and the other with Headz Mad Flavor, the store in the Rhine street or Downstairs have done. The colleagues Berlin since the end of the 80 supplied with rare material, which they received from England, the United States, France and Yugoslavia. Jordan, Ewing, Clyde, Attitudes, or campus, in the most abstract colors from the most absurd shops. Without the Internet, without eBay. The colleagues have dug right under the diamond.

What does a civilian customers?

On the selection here:

HUF, San Francisco

Ransom, Toronto

anything, NY

Norse, Copenhagen

Fucking Awesome, NY

Bagjack, Berlin

Altamont, Lake Forest


Vans Syndicate, Cypress

Nike SB Beaverton

Girl Skateboards, Torrance

Radio Skateboards, Berlin

Perks and Mini, Melbourne

Skateboards Palace, London

Incase, Irwindale

Keinemusik, Berlin

Urbanears, Stockholm

Nieves Books

O.H.W.O.W. Books

PAM Books

Rizzoli Books

Furthermore, there with us a relaxed atmosphere. Professional service. Opening times, we observe not even because we at NEN beer with buddies still sit longer in the store. And still no shop. But just call or send an email.

And besides, we do in a few weeks intervals, always a new event or other.

What you have to respect Nike SB?

Since then, the Swoosh is active in skateboarding, photographed Foley for the Nike SB team. Either under or for reporting to Lodown Monster Magazine, where he is on the way each as a Photo Editor, or as tour photographer. Hesse has the contact through magazines and “untitled”. They approached the German SB leaders such as Pascal, Holger and Mehmet are available for years, just as the U.S. skaters like Todd Jordan or Danny Supa from the early days of SB.

Foley and Pascal do then also on the tours of the German SB team ever leave. Cairo, Tokyo, Cape Town, Dubai and Kuala Lumpur were the destinations. Now consider those two if they want to not spend a romantic holiday in the Black Forest.

Moreover, Foley is quite often in the States and meets the self-service workforce.

Last year, we have, as mentioned above, made the Nike SB-Pop Up Store, with Pascal. Squeaky clean, with Foley’s photographs of the last SB tours, and a mini ramp in the shop.

Thanks at this point to Thomas and Marco, that they have come to Bright to Berlin. So we could still do a BBQ in the Backyard of a civilian store in Berlin, as the Nike SB team their European tour has finished here. Grill sausages with Anderson, Koston, P-Rod and Mountain. Class cooperation with the swoosh, represented by Pascal and Holger, and Kaspar and Bjorn from SB-stem in Amsterdam. And it was a Berlin Crewfest with trowel, Rene and Nils at the grill, the Keinemusik to Rampa and Resnik, also still Lennie, John Till and a ramp builder.

Favorite Dunk? High / Low or Mid?

Is no general announcement, which is the best height. Depends on the style as always. Far forward is certainly the first Supreme with the Jordan-tribute, sparked by SB and groundbreaking. Also very far forward, the first two dunks Stüssy with Ostrich-swoosh, because really decent. The darkness was clean through-composed of marketing to materials and colors. The SMU by Slam City thought was great. Gino Iannuccis simplicity is unmatched. Haze has implemented the Writer aspect optimal.

What makes you out of the dunk?

Classic. In the meantime, we had the shoe completely over, because Nike has overused in terms of the model releases. If, however, again. The Dunk is again preferred to get off the shelf.

What else are you taking to products?

With Nike SB and Vans Syndicate we are the most interesting lines of the two brands, are therefore more than satisfied and well positioned in Töppenbereich. In the clothing sector’s looks the same. It is a suitable environment with HUF, Anything, DQM, Fucking Awesome, Norse, PAM, Altamont and Radio, Girl Palace and also with skateboards. Bagjack, Baicyclon Incase and in professional packaging.

And, important books by A-Ron’s OHWOW, PAM Books, Nieves and Rizzoli. We also have a vintage book corner with Berlin-books, literature and classics rampage.

Where exactly do you find yourself in Berlin?

A civilian

13 Fountain Street

10119 Berlin

Mon-Sat, 1200-1900h

+ 49 30 85 61 07 15

info [@] civilistberlin.com


FB: a civilian Berlin

In the middle between Rosenthaler Platz and the Weinberg Park, walking directly to the other relevant stores such as sky, Please come, Paul’s Boutique, SOTO, Ten Twenty, No. 74, WoodWood, Vans Butcher’s Block, Rée coffee and Edeka.

Your Website?


Soon, with Webstore.

Final words?

Thank you.

Third World Born Chicagoan pursuing all things pursuable. Follow me on IG: @oscar_castillo


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