We finally have official images of not only the three Nike SB models produced by Nike and CNCPTS latest collaboration, but pictures of the exclusive in-store packaging as well. This pack will feature a Nike SB Janoski Max, a Nike SB Dunk High, and a Nike SB Dunk Low.


If you’ve seen the previous story you know that the Dunk High pays homage to stained glass, featuring a multi-color upper. CNCPTS revealed today in their official unveiling of this trio that each SB Dunk High will have a unique pattern on the upper with no two being exactly alike. The Janoski Max, which is inspired by mosaic tiling, contains an eye-catching multi color upper as well. This shoe has a pink toe box, a blue forefoot panel, a green heel, and an orange lining. This bright shoe is accentuated by gold laces and a white swoosh. This shoe also features a wear-away feature which means that over time, the suede on top will fade to reveal a white suede underlay. Finally, the Dunk Low, which is exclusive to CNCPTS, features an iridescent upper with mismatched blue and red tongues. All of these shoes will release at at 12pm EST or, for locals of either New York or Cambridge MA, they will release at 8am in store.

concepts-nike-sb-stefan-janoski-max-grail-collection_result concepts-nike-sb-stefan-janoski-max-grail-collection-1_result concepts-nike-sb-stefan-janoski-max-grail-collection-2_result concepts-nike-sb-stefan-janoski-max-grail-collection-3_result


For in-store customers, limited numbers of these shoes come with special edition packaging. It appears the Dunk High comes in a box that echoes its multi-color upper. The Janoski Max also features a box with a similar color palette. However, it appears from these images that the Dunk Low comes in three different boxes: a brown wooden box, a gray stone box, and a flashy gold box. As CNCPTS revealed on their website, the New York location will be limited to 300 wooden boxes while the Cambridge location will have 200 wooden boxes and 100 cement boxes. Do these special edition packages make the shoe any more appealing to you? Let us know in the comment section and be sure to swing by CNCPTS on July 25th for your chance to get one of the best collaborations of the year.

Concepts x Nike SB Grail Collection
July 25, 201

concepts-nike-sb-dunk-high-grail-collection-1_result concepts-nike-sb-dunk-high-grail-collection-2_result concepts-nike-sb-dunk-high-grail-collection-3_result concepts-nike-sb-dunk-high-grail-collection-4_result concepts-nike-sb-dunk-high-grail-collection_result concepts-nike-sb-dunk-low-grail-collection-1_result concepts-nike-sb-dunk-low-grail-collection-2_result concepts-nike-sb-dunk-low-grail-collection-3_result concepts-nike-sb-dunk-low-grail-collection-4_result


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