Brooks has 100 years of history in the running world and this year they have tapped into the lifestyle market by bringing back one of their most iconic silhouettes, the Chariot. We had the opportunity to speak with Shane Downey, the Creative Director and Brand Manager of Brooks Heritage about the collaboration and future with the brand. Details were pointed out including the use of high quality pigskin suede across the entire upper along with perforations on the toebox which is a first for the Chariot. The inspiration behind the colorway represents the 3 stages that grapes go through during the process of making wine, with the toe box featuring the same hue as Merlot wine. Washington State is one of the largest Merlot wine grape producers in the United States and also happens to be home to Brooks. This beautifully executed collaboration between boutique powerhouse Concepts and historic lifestyle brand Brooks is only the beginning for Brooks with many more collaborations to follow. This pair in particular will be available September 13th in-store at 9AM and online at 10AM EST for $114.99 USD. 

lifestylejump brooksabove1 brooksbox11


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