After seeing various teaser images of this upcoming sneaker collaboration, some of the best sneaker collabs this year have came out of Concepts and this Ugly Sweater Pack could possibly be one of the best yet. Consisting of two different colorways and various other goodies, this pack is set to drop December 7th at Concepts in-store at 7 a.m. EST, followed by an online release at 12 p.m. EST. Word on whether or not this will become a wider release has yet to be announced but make sure to stay tuned if we receive any news.


concepts-for-nike-sb-2013-ugly-sweater-pack-2 concepts-for-nike-sb-2013-ugly-sweater-pack-3 concepts-for-nike-sb-2013-ugly-sweater-pack-4 concepts-for-nike-sb-2013-ugly-sweater-pack-5 concepts-for-nike-sb-2013-ugly-sweater-pack-6 concepts-for-nike-sb-2013-ugly-sweater-pack-7 concepts-for-nike-sb-2013-ugly-sweater-pack-8 concepts-for-nike-sb-2013-ugly-sweater-pack-9 concepts-for-nike-sb-2013-ugly-sweater-pack-10



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