Converse is set to release its Holiday 2020 Utility collection designed to protect you from the harshest conditions winter can muster through a set of weatherized sneakers and fleece jackets.

Leading the pack is the Converse Storm Boot, a re-engineered mainline version of the brand’s recent collaboration with A-COLD-WALL. The model swaps Samuel Ross’ synthetic upper for a waterproof nubuck, and the entire model features a GORE-TEX membrane for true, breathable waterproofing. The model retains the A-C-W version’s massive rubber sidewalls and outsole tread, and a microfleece lining means your feet will be protected from cold, water, and debris on all sides.

The MC Boot, on the other hand, takes a similar form to the collection’s fleece by using a jacket-style, poly-fill upper for ultimate sneaker warmth. The model uses a rugged outsole for durable and versatile traction, and stylized badges show off the model’s functionality. The MC Bosey GTX, on the other hand, trades warmth for more GORE-TEX waterproofing, making for an ultra-modern reinterpretation of a Converse classic. A non-waterproof Bosey MC still retains a high-tech look with a silver upper and a speed-lacing system.

Moving further through the lineup, the Chuck Taylor All Star Lugged Winter provides a women’s-exclusive silhouette with sherpa fleece lining and a GORE-TEX membrane, mirroring the classic GORE-TEX Chuck Taylor All-Star (also available in updated form. The entire collection is rounded out by a final weatherproof silhouette, the Utility All Terrain Chuck Taylor All-Star features a non-GTX waterproof leather and a warm fleece lining.

The collection is set to release throughout the month of October (save for the Bosey MC, which releases on November 10th) and much of it is available now via Converse’s website. You can check out a gallery of the Converse Holiday 2020 collection (including two of its flagship jackets) down below.


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