Footlocker’s Greenhouse, Crocs, and Awake NY are all meeting at the intersection of a grand collab. The result is two colorways of the Crocs Classic Clog inspired by family and New York City.

Awake NY’s Founder and Creative Director Angelo Baque shares his first-hand love of NYC, presented through a heart pattern from his brand. The design pays homage to his grandmother’s house in Washington Heights. Not only was it a place for Baque to seek comfort as a kid, it also inspired the campaign’s tagline “Home is where the heart is.” Baque’s privilege of having an early sense of home and belonging allows him to infuse that ethos into his brand’s work.

Each Classic Croc features the heart print throughout the entire silhouette. It comes in a purple and blue “Neon Purple” color scheme or in a black and white “Black Heart.” Each features a New York Jibbitz set, complete with an Awake NY logo, heart, and red apple. Awake’s spelled-out logo also hits the strap for additional branding. As Crocs keeps pushing collabs, as seen with Pleasures and the anticipated Salehe Bembury “Pollex”, this one surely hits close to home.

“The concept of ‘family’ has evolved, especially in the face of the pandemic. Whether it’s family that’s blood-related or not, the ones closest to us have gotten us through this past year and a half,” said Baque. “I wanted to evoke that connectivity [of my grandmother’s house], those energetic cords we feel with the people we love.”

The “Home Is Where The Heart Is” narrative is knocked out of the park with the campaign images starring New Yorkers and their families, including Swizz Beatz, Laura Stylez, and Chace Infinite.

The Awake NY x Crocs collection releases today, November 19th at 11am EST on the Awake NY website. You can also catch the release on the Greenhouse app on November 20th and via Foot Locker on November 23rd. Prices are $69.99 USD for adult and $49.99 USD for grade school. The Awake NY “Home Is Where The Heart Is” apparel is available for preorder now until Sunday, November 21st 8pm EST on Awake NY’s website.



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