Crunchyroll will be releasing a collection of apparel at this year’s Anime Expo in Los Angeles. Classic Shonen Jump characters from animes such as Dragon BallOne Piece, and Naruto are represented as part of the collection. The collection includes a “Nami Loves You” long sleeve, “Shenron” long sleeve, “Super Saiyan Blue Gogeta” tee, “Mob Psycho 100%” hoodie, “Naruto Uzumaki” hoodie, “Dimple” fanny pack, and “Zero Two Ani” statue.

Check out the range of items in this collection below. The items will be sold at the Crunchyroll Booth at Anime Expo 2019 in Los Angeles from July 4 to July 7.

Nami Loves You Long Sleeve
Shenron Long Sleeve
Super Saiyan Blue Gogeta Tee
Mob Psycho 100% Hoodie
Naruto Uzumaki Hoodie
Dimple Fanny Pack
Zero Two Ani Statue


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