Crunchyroll is expanding its “CR Loves” series with the launch of an exclusive “Mobile Suit Gundam Wing” hoodie collection, showing love to the beloved Gundam anime and manga. The graphics on each hoodie highlight a different mobile suit unit, including Heero Yuy’s Wing Gundam, Duo Maxwell’s Deathscythe, and Zech Marquis’ Epyon.

Check out the six different hoodies available in the CR Loves: Gundam Wing collection below. These are available for pre-order for a limited time from now until May 14th exclusively via the Crunchyroll webstore. While there, you can also look through various Gundam model kits that are also available to purchase.

For more Gundam-themed apparel, check out the Uniqlo UT Gunpla 40th anniversary collection.

Crunchyroll Loves Gundam Wing Hoodie Collection
Release Date: May 7,2020
Price: $54.95 USD


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