Designer and ‘Culture Guru’ Darien Bruze, better known as Dbruze, has unveiled his latest collection of tees. Inspired by the 2007 Myspace era of the internet, the two tees use the all-over graphics that Dbruze has made himself known for with subjects that define the era of pop culture history.

The collection features Lil Wayne and a Soulja Boy-themed tees with graphics hitting the front and back. Themes of A BATHING APE run through both tees pointing to its importance and meteoric rise during the era. Vibrant colors hit on the Lil Wayne tee featuring a glistening ‘CARTER’ belt, photos of Lil Wayne wearing BAPE hoodies, and blinged out BABY MILO graphics. The Soulja Boy tee features recognizable Soulja Boy pictures from the mid 2000s and the popular lyric “I got me some Bathing Apes” is written across the mid-section in script with a different colored BAPE camo used for each word.

Both tees in the Dbruze Myspace collection drop on Wednesday, February 17th on the Dbruze site. Check out the pictures below and Dbruze’s Instagram for more info.


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