DC comics has teamed up with Converse Japan to create a star studded “U.S. Originator Pack” that features all of the best characters from the DC universe. The pack ranges from the Jack Purcell to the Chuck Taylor All Star and features plenty of prints using logos and likenesses from some of the most iconic heros and villains, including icons such as Batman and Joker as well as Superman and the pack includes a slip-on that features a comic strip with many more superheros. This set is tapped to be an Asia exclusive so take a look after the jump to see if any are worth the import.

dc-comics-converse-japan-us-originator-pack-8 dc-comics-converse-japan-us-originator-pack-7 dc-comics-converse-japan-us-originator-pack-6 dc-comics-converse-japan-us-originator-pack-5 dc-comics-converse-japan-us-originator-pack-4 dc-comics-converse-japan-us-originator-pack-2 dc-comics-converse-japan-us-originator-pack-3

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