Desiigner previews his forthcoming album The Life of Desiigner with his newest single “Arms,” which shows his admiration for Nintendo’s classic “Mario Kart” game that released in the early 90’s. Producer 16 Yr Old adds Desiigner to the growing list of artists in his resume. The young Brooklyn star explicitly raps,

“I like Mario Kart , yeah
She like Mario Kart, yeah
Poppin’ xannies, f*ck, yeah
I got xannies right here
I got xannies right here
Keep them panties right here”

Along with this track, Desiigner’s hits “Outlet” and “Liife” featuring Gucci Mane are anticipated to make it to his new, full-length studio album. Although there is no set date, Desiigner teased on Twitter that his project is “coming soon.” Listen to “Arms” below.


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