What happens when you have an NFL Wide Receiver rocking the same number as the GOAT?? An amazing Jordan collection that’s what. Devin Hester tweeted a bunch of his favorite Jordan’s yesterday, giving us a look at another athlete’s collection. Devin Hester does not discriminate, as he has everything from Melo’s to Team Jordan’s on his plate, including Retro’s of course. Surprisingly, every single pair in his collection has been worn and we all know that most athlete’s like to keep their shoes DS. Let us know if your collection top’s Hester’s.

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  1. True Jordan head. Does he own anything but jordans? but still man, i love seeing people wear sneakers they buy. There is just somthing about that concept thats so real

  2. First few pictures, I wasn't that impressed, but then it just kept going and going… crazy collection, I wish I had this.

  3. Thats freakin Stupid and anyone that thinks other is also STUPID- The main reason Athletes end up broke 4 years after playing….

  4. this collection is average…he has alot of fusions lol but whatever…he dont have anything we cant get they were bascially general releases….if you are going ga ga over this collection….YOU'RE NEW!

  5. I can't respect anyone's collection that is not in boxes, you chance, spend, you leave laying around why?

  6. dude! the Mello's??
    Part from that it's pretty impressive.. Don't mind all the haters who started collecting since a year and act like they true SH's
    Greetz from the Netherlands

  7. devin hester has 74 retros alone in his collection,most of you dnt even have 50 pairs of retros(TALKIN TO THE HATERS)

  8. For those who didnt notice… in the 3s picture… there seem to be three pairs of samples: clear midsole black cements, gold cement print with black, and gold cement print with white. While the rest is pretty basic from what he showed… that shit stands out as true heat


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