Streetwear label Anti Social Social Club and shipping company DHL have joined forces for an apparel collection to celebrate DHL’s 50th anniversary.

If you’ve ever bought ASSC in the past you know that their delivery methods were a bit frustrating with some shoppers not getting items until months after its release. The California brand has claimed to have recently solved the issue and to commemorate their past mistakes and step toward improving in the future they’ve collaborated with DHL for a capsule of two hoodies, two shirts, a cubic cushion, and an embroidered hat.

The capsule is reminiscent of the DHL collab with Vetements, using the signature red and yellow of the brand. ASSC keep it simple though. They only use the colors and cobranding on the items as if to say, “we’ve made our shipping process simple, like this collaboration.”

The DHL collab will hit the Anti Social Social Club site on September 25th at 10 a.m. CT/11 a.m. ET. Check out each piece below.


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