As part of the year-long 30th anniversary celebration of Dragon Ball Z, Toei Animation Inc. and Funimation have announced that the Dragon Ball Symphonic Adventure, a one-of-a-kind concert experience, is coming to North America.

The “Dragon Ball Symphonic Adventure” combines scenes and sounds of Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z together with live vocals, a 60-piece orchestra and the music of legendary Japanese composer Shunsuke Kikuchi to create an immersive multimedia event for fans. The North American tour of the Dragon Ball Symphonic Adventure kicks-off on Friday, March 27, 2020 with its premiere performance in Chicago, IL at the Rosemont Theatre featuring the World Festival Symphony Orchestra conducted by Eric Roth. Additional dates and locations to be announced.

Overlook Events, producers of Dragon Ball Symphonic Adventure, describe their creative process: “As great enthusiasts of Akira Toriyama’s saga, we spent long months carefully selecting and analyzing each scene to draw out the essence of the Dragon Ball story. While reconstructing each arc, each scene was thoughtfully set to new orchestrations of the classic music, to align with our Narrative Symphonic Experience concept. Nothing was left to chance. Now, we invite you to enjoy every minute of this concert experience, from the opening trumpet notes heralding the first transformation of Son Goku, ready to unleash his uncontrollable fury against the mighty Frieza.”

Tickets for the kick-off performance of “Dragon Ball Symphonic Adventure” in Chicago go on sale at 10 AM CST on Nov. 15, 2019 via Ticketmaster.


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