Seems like there was a twitter Sneaker Battle between Devin Hester, who’s collection made headlines throughout the sneaker world yesterday, and teammate Earl Bennett. Although Hester’s collection was fairly ‘New’, the amount of sneakers worn is enough to have any sneakerhead second guess keeping their shoes deadstock. Earl Bennett lashed back with an insane amount of OG and exclusive colorways. The neck breakers, An OG Air Jordan 12 ‘Obsidian’, Air Jordan 10 Powder Blue and a few other gem’s you can check out after the jump. Who has the best collection? Let us know your thoughts!

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  1. Earl Bennet takes it, hands down. Dude has more heat IMO. Loses points for not storing his shit properly though. C'mon, big time bucks like this guy makes and he can't afford some plastic bins or any other kind of proper storage?

  2. Oh, so this is the new thing…paid atheletes showing off the shoes that they dont pay for anyway……*Please apply next fad please*

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