Back in August, hundreds of people in East Nashville, Tennessee showed up to attend the unveiling of The Fashion House, “the sickest content creation house on the east Coast” as it was referred by Shi Eubank, one of the hosts of the unveiling party. Eubank and his co-host, Jeffrey Mathews, were charged with violating the city’s COVID-19 emergency guidelines regarding large gatherings (more info on the party here). The Fashion House is now for sale, according to a Redfin real estate listing created earlier today.

On The Fashion House’s Instagram bio, it is referred as “a tribute to the high end fashion designers and iconic brands, we’ve grown to idolize.” Upon entering the three-story unit, we see that one of those brands is Chanel, with double C logos painted on the foyer’s walls and decor. The four bedrooms each pay homage to a brand, Supreme, Yves Saint Laurent, Versace, and Gucci, the latter also featuring a Kylie Jenner mural on one of the walls. One of the hallways pays homage to Tiffany & Co., while the kitchen area is decked out in Louis Vuitton decor, complete with a giant gold LV shelf unit.

What are your thoughts on The Fashion House? Dope? Tacky? Check out some of the photos from the listing below (as well as a video tour) and check out the full real estate listing on Redfin.


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