eBay, one of the biggest online markets in the world and original ground zero for online sneaker selling, is set to finally introduce an official authentication service for sneaker purchases over $100.

According to a recent press release, the company will verify the authenticity of sneakers using an “independent team of industry experts” that’s set to start its work this month. The service will initially only authenticate “the most popular sneaker styles and brands on the marketplace,” but they aim to move to authenticate all shoes sold for over $100 by early next year. The service will provide authentication tags (like StockX) and verified returns for sellers who offer them.

“Authentication has become an expectation for today’s consumers in categories of high passion and high value, and this program makes eBay the most attractive platform for enthusiasts in these categories,” noted Jordan Sweetnam, eBay’s North American SVP and General Manager. “eBay operates the world’s most diverse sneaker marketplace – with the widest selection and best prices – and by removing any uncertainty with the buying process, our community can buy and sell with total confidence.”

eBay claims they sell a pair of sneakers every 1.5 seconds, an assertion only strengthened by the average half a million sneaker listings on the website per day. While websites like StockX and GOAT currently offer somewhat unrivaled authentication services, eBay listings don’t have to conform to a pre-listed sneaker model and tend to offer a wider collection of potentially more obscure or well-used pairs of shoes. Regardless of how the program’s pilot goes, the service is sure to shake up the sneaker resale market significantly.


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