CLOT founder Edison Chen is probably one of the most unique entrepreneurs to ever run a successful brand. From singing, acting, musician, to being one of the top collaborator’s with Nike, Edison Chen has pretty much accomplished everything one man can endure in several lifetimes. His Sneaker Collection is no Joke either as you can see in the photos. Everything from Jordans to Air Force 1’s, this collection has to be one of the most diverse yet. Via Instagram

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  1. I woulda had more respect for this collection if those sneakers were organized, he does have a great collection and they are his shoes so he can do whatever he wants to do with them I’m just saying that in my opinion it makes the collection look better when each shoe is has it’s own spot on the shelf

  2. Cant stand when someone says they have a collection of sneaker and the majority of their collection is based of AF1’s and Dunks


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