Japanese streetwear brand SOPHNET is releasing a collaboration between its fictitious football club F.C. Real Bristol, Coca-Cola, and Medicom Toy.

This latest BE@RBRICK drop dresses up the figures in soccer jerseys of the club and will be available in 100%, 400% and 1000% versions. A monotone bicolor design is used for the 100% and 400% versions that sit at roughly 28cm and 7cm. The 1000% version is much the same but features a “brushed costume.” This fleece can be removed and attached with a concealed fastener located on the back. The fleece version sits at about 70cm.

SOPH branding can be found on the upper right chest and lower left leg. Bristol branding is on the upper left chest and lower right leg. A large grey stripe cuts across the front of the BE@RBRICK with the Coca Cola logo. The Coca Cola logo can also be found on the back of the left leg. F.C.R.B. is the final logo and is on the back.

The 100% and 400% will be sold as a set for $131 USD and the 1000% will cost you $507 USD. Both items will be available May 15th via soph.net. Find them on StockX soon after: 100% + 400% set / 1000% version.



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