Fan Controlled Football, an all-new concept that combines gaming, streaming, and real-life sports, is officially set to make its debut this February.

The model is entirely unlike anything ever attempted before: Fans watching the 7v7 football games live on Twitch will be able to use a custom-developed extension to call the plays themselves. In fact, fans who get in on the action early can participate in the naming, designing, and branding of their teams. Speaking on the process, FCF co-founder and CEO Sohrob Farudi said “We are pushing boundaries and pioneering a new category of immersive sports that will be a seismic shift in the worlds of sport and entertainment…For the first time in sports history, fans get to call the shots for their team, everything from team branding, player selection, and real-time play calling is decided by the fans.”

Each of the league’s four teams has notable owners: Team 1 (all are still unnamed) is owned by Migos rapper Quavo and SF 49ers cornerback Richard Sherman, Team 2 will be controlled by prominent members of the Twitch community, Team 3 is owned by Marshawn Lynch and Mike Tyson, and Team 4 is controlled by the online comedy house Kinda Funny. Players will be sourced from D1 and D2 NCAA, XFL, CFL, and IFL teams, and each game will take place in FCF’s state-of-the-art facility in Atlanta.

Fans can register now on FCF’s website to have a say in their team’s formation and participate in the season come early 2021. You can check out a video marking Quavo’s entrance into the league down below in preparation for the preseason action.


  1. Follower Regulated Football, an all-new idea that integrates pc gaming, streaming, and real-life sports, is formally set to make its launching this February. The model is totally unlike anything ever before tried before: Followers viewing the 7v7 football games survive on Twitch will be able to make use of a custom-developed extension to call the p


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