Fear of God director Jerry Lorenzo has teamed up with eight other streetwear powerhouses to release a tee to raise funds for Gianna Floyd, whose father George was unjustly killed by the Minneapolis Police Department last week.

The tee, which comes in both black and white, features Gianna and George’s initials and the list of brands supporting the project: Union, NOAH, Off-White, AwakeNY, Just Don, Denim Tears, Pyer Moss and Melody Ehsani. The shirt is made in the USA at Fear of God’s mainline factory, and all money raised through the sale of the shirt will go straight to the Gianna Floyd Fund.

The Fear of God GF tee will release via Fear of God’s Instagram on Friday, June 5th at 9 AM PST for $100. Those who miss out on the shirt (or who would like to give independently) are encouraged to donate here. You can see mockups of the shirt (as well as read Lorenzo’s inspiration for the shirt) down below.

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our FG is a GF now… on may 25, 2020 when i learned of George Floyd’s death i was visiting my parents in northern california. after being locked up and quarantined for nearly 3 months, i wanted nothing more than to see my mother and father as a new perspective on life and the value of, was taking place in my heart… a random fact also, as we pulled into sacramento late saturday night at a gas station near my parents, a middle aged white woman said to me at the counter, “every time you guys walk in here w/ masks on, i think we’re about to get robbed.”… quickly reminded of my blackness, i was eerily comfortable back in the woods of northern california. where i’m no longer “jerry lorenzo” but just another black man… the same guy i’ve been my whole life… dealing w/ the same consistent themes… fast forward to the day we drove back home, we watched Mr. George Floyd get murdered in broad daylight… with a knot in my throat and hole in my soul, i hugged my father tightly… being a father, my first thought was i pray this man doesn’t have any kids… i’ve been able to build what we have with @fearofgod because i had a father lay the example of husband hood, father hood, and of living with integrity and character… i immediately thought, this man’s children have lost their covering, their example, their teacher… all that we do for @fearofgod is fueled by a generational love. a love to be an example to my children of what’s possible, a love to create an independent business that my children have the choice to one day carry on… George’s daughter Gianna will not have this choice… we can never become for her what was lost, but we can help fill a small hole in her life by providing one thing she may not have to worry about. as we did for my brother nipsey when he passed, we mourned for him and stood strong in support of the generation after him. standing with my friends, minority and small business owners, tmrw at 9am pst on @fearofgod ‘s instagram channel, we’ll be releasing limited GF tees, with all money raised going the Gianna Floyd Fund. George, you “changed the world” and your life is an example your daughter will forever look up to and be changed by.

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