J. Cole & J.I.D
J. Cole chillin’ with J.I.D

Tracks featuring J. Cole slap… and Cole’s solo work are straight fire too…

Sooo, here’s a charged question for our readers: Is J. Cole the best MC of the 2010s?

We’d argue he’s competitively in the discussion. Lets put it this way – the soundtracks of our everyday lives are better featuring J. Cole.

The North Carolina native has been the commercial poster child for “woke” Hip-Hop for nearly a decade. Armed with thoughtful commentary, relatable punchlines and heavy flow, Jermaine Cole has made his mark in the world by inspiring listeners to be aspirational, to be vulnerable and to be authentic to yourself. My favorite aspect of Cole’s reign as Hip-Hop’s messiah is his willingness to put others on – he shares the limelight with peers, OGs and up-n-comers with class. Shit, even his diss tracks are classy; Cole is just a stand up guy. The guy works hard at being grounded, so grounded that he’s been recorded many times just riding his bike through various cities… not your typical top-tier rapper.

Jermaine Cole aka J. Cole

Earlier in June Cole’s Dreamville Records dropped a new collective track titled “Down Bad” with the label’s heaviest hitters gettin’ lines off. Bas, J.I.D and Cole all pop-off. Peep the audio here:

In January 2019 J.Cole and Dreamville Records held a collaborative summit of sorts; over one hundred producers and rappers came through to record an undisclosed number of projects. One of those projects is rumored to be J. Cole’s third Revenge Of The Dreamers mixtape. Like past ROTDs, this third installment will flow with a team feel as the whole Dreamville familia will surely appear again. Magic is made when Cole spits bars alongside his Dreamville fam, and tracks without Cole slap too; so we’re game for a little bit of both and very excited to see what ROTD ends up sounding like.

Dreamville Records on XXL
Dreamville Records on the cover of XXL Magazine

Those unfamiliar with J. Cole’s past underground/ mixtape projects should do themselves a favor and listen to the first two Revenge Of The Dreamers (2014, ’15), The Warmup (2009) and, my favorite, Friday Night Lights (2010). Actually, come to think about it, there’s a lot of Cole music that probably hasn’t been on your radar because the man is always working and doesn’t publicize his every move. In anticipation of the newest Revenge Of The Dreamers here are five songs featuring J. Cole that you might’ve missed over the last year or so. Peep some of our favorites below, enjoy!

featuring J. Cole
J. Cole

Top-5 Slept on Tracks Featuring J.Cole:


6Black feat. J.Cole

Track: “Pretty Little Fears”
Album: East Atlanta Love Letter (2018)

Cole came correct on “Pretty Little Fears” with beautiful tree imagery; dope flows, and even a little bit of Kid Cudi style humming. This might be the most perfect example of a song featuring J. Cole, he brought a level of classy smoothness that’s uniquely Cole – there’s no substitution to Fayetteville’s finest.

If you’re not messing with 6Black then you’re trippin’. If you like this song then you’ll probably like his song “Imported” too. We think he finna pop off big time with his next album because East Atlanta Love Letter was fantastic.

Before I had you this shit was fantasy
You plant a seed, it grows some roots, a branch and leaves
Becomes a tree of life until our nights are filled
With peace from stress and strife


J.I.D Feat. J.Cole

Track: “Off Deez”
Album: DiCaprio 2 (2018)

Rapid Fire Cole with his rapid fire apprentice. The young J.I.D possesses a fiery flow that mixes fast raps with perfectly timed slow-downs and switch-ups. Don’t be surprised if you keep hearing J.I.D’s name pop up more and more as he’s poised to break into the mainstream any day now. What made this track featuring J. Cole so dope was the way Jermaine sped up and matched J.I.D’s cadence. Fast, slow, triplet… J. Cole can do it all without sacrificing wordplay or content.

Looking out the window like Malcolm X with the rifle

Climb the steps up the Eiffel
Barely broke a bead of sweat, whoa
Many hope to be the best, oh
Cannot fuck with me just yet, though
J.I.D the closest thing to me
C’est la vie, my vocal range putting
Blood stains on Notre Dame hoodies


Bas Feat. J.Cole

Track: “Tribe”
Album: Milky Way (2018)

Man, this was my jam of Summer ’18, and it could be your Summer ’19 jam if you haven’t heard “Tribe” before. So silky, so smooth, so Dreamville. Cole’s cosign opened the door for “Tribe” to crack into mainstream radio playlists and gain critical praise. We dare you to find a smoother track than “Tribe”, damn, that beat is nice, lol. Oh, and when you hear Cole’s onomatopoeia you can’t help but to geek out a little!

Bas stands as one of the most underrated MCs in the game with a vibe that’ll put you in a cooled out zone. With three major albums under his belt, Bas has an extensive catalog for you to enjoy. Tracks by Bas featuring J. Cole are abundant. Other bangers by this dynamic duo include “Night Job”, “My Ni*** Just Made Bail” and “Lit” so get wise to these fly guys (that’s my corny rhyme of the day).

God shuffled the cards, dealt me a hand with impossible odds
Put an obstacle course up
Look, and I conquered them all (conquered them all)
With minimal effort I’m fresher than sock in your drawer (fuck)
They spinning my records so heavy, I’m topping the Forbes


Cozz Feat. J.Cole

Album: Effected (2018)

Cozz one of those rappers under the Dreamville umbrella that gets criminally slept on. Like the L.A. Dodgers, Cole lead off “Zendaya” and Cozz closed the inning (track) with passion and prolific bars. Not a lot to explain here, “Zendaya” is a dope, thirsty, song with a killer feature by J. Cole – business as usual.

The song is from his second studio album, Effected. Peep his other work and get yourself better acquainted with Cozz cus we for sure hearing more of him on Revenge Of The Dreamers III.


Listen, music my flesh and blood, it’s been my only love since ye high
I used to play Jay high and Ye high
Thinkin’ one day I would go from fan to fuckin’ player
I guess I found a way huh, my nigga Cozz wants Zendaya
A side note, I’m rootin’ for you, I use these bars and start recruitin’ for you
But treat her right


Air Lennox Feat. J.Cole

Track: “Shea Butter Baby”
Album: Creed II Soundtrack (2019)

Ari Lennox possesses one of the most beautiful voices we’ve heard in recent years and her melodic tones blend flawlessly with Cole when he uses a similar flow (and tone). Be honest, does anyone hit a verse then a melody like Cole? Sure, Drake been doing those kinds of tracks for years; but there’s just something so unique and soulful about a Cole melody and/or backup vocal. He perfectly complements Ari Lennox’s fantastic voice on “Shea Butter Baby.”

You crossed my mind a thousand times
The cost was fine, I draw the line
I’m back, relapse, I’m fiending
Yes, what’s that? In fact, I’m dreaming



BONUS: Ty Dolla $ign Feat. J.Cole

Track: “Purple Emoji” (2019)
Album: $ex $ymbol* 

That Drake influence heavy on this track. It’s such a beautiful song with a sweet message; it being PRIDE Month gives this song [and video] added meaning. It beautifully shows couples of all orientations and races and hammers home the theme of love is love. Cole’s no stranger to love songs, and his partnership with Ty Dolla is so smooth. The Devil Emoji is so played, but Cole added a fresh spin to it.

I can’t get you caught up in messes I made
Love you forever
When we turn like 50, I’m still gonna have all of your messages saved
Purple emojis with horns on it
Like the devil, but ain’t nothin’ devilish, babe


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