What happens when you dissect one of the most sought after Foamposites? A Bunch of scrap, No Point proven and a bunch of angry individuals wondering why it happened. For the good folks at Long 7, they made it a point to take apart these Foamposites to show the viewer what the actual shoe  is made out of. Everything from the sole and air unit has been exposed including the inner workings of this Penny classic. Let us know if you’d like to see your shoes taken apart like this one day (Or Not).

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Via Long 7

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  1. Wow…Ive always wanted to dismantle a shoe just to see the “air” and how they looked. I had the Chris Webbers back in the day and found em here recently in the closet. The midsole had pretty much disintegrated so I went to pulling them apart to check out the air bubbles. Crazy to do this to a pair of Foams.

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