footpatrol-reebok-25 goat_11

The latest for Reebok’s perpetually altered Pump 25 sees them teaming up with London’s Footpatrol. The collaboration takes advantage of the “GOAT” aka “Greatest Of All Time” acronym, taking it to the extreme by including goat leather accents. The clever concept extends to the simple colorway which features a tonal off-white upper accented in a gold-ish tint that extends to the gum and ice soles. You can grab yours straight from the source starting September 27th.

footpatrol-reebok-25 goat_09 footpatrol-reebok-25 goat_08 footpatrol-reebok-25 goat_10 footpatrol-reebok-25 goat footpatrol-reebok-25 goat_12 footpatrol-reebok-25 goat_07 footpatrol-reebok-25 goat_03 footpatrol-reebok-25 goat_04 footpatrol-reebok-25 goat_05


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