Original Story (12/04/20): Hiroshi Fujiwara’s partnership with Pokémon has delivered a wide selection of products since its inception in 2018, from Mewtwo Strikes Back commemorative apparel to a special edition Nintendo Switch. The Japanese designer has now shared a look at what’s next to come from the THUNDERBOLT PROJECT.

New images posted by Fujiwara reveal keychain plushes of Jigglypuff, Meowth, and Psyduck in an all-black color scheme. A Pikachu in his standard yellow joins the murdered out collection, as well as a more life-size plush of the electric mouse. The FRGMT founder also reveal a collaboration with Tokyo-based fragrance label retaW in the form of a black Meowth air freshener.

Preview the upcoming FRGMT x Pokémon accessories below and stay tuned for official release info on the next THUNDERBOLT PROJECT drop.

Update (12/09/20): There will be three THUNDERBOLT PROJECT pop-up shops across Greater China where fans will be able to purchase these fragment design x Pokémon goods. The pop-ups start in Shanghai on December 12th, followed by Beijing on December 13th and Taipei on December 18th. Jigglypuff pieces will be exclusive to Shanghai, Psyduck pieces will be exclusive to Beijing, and Meowth pieces will be exclusive to Taipei.

Along with the plushes, keychains, and air fresheners, there will also be an assortment of apparel available plus rugs, pillows, iPhone cases, bags and hats. More info can be found on the official THUNDERBOLT PROJECT Instagram. Full Beijing pop-up range shown below.

Original Story photos:


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