The fragment design x NSW AFE Greyscale collection is all about form and function. The focus of the collection is to provide high-tech running gear that not only performs great but provides a sleek aesthetic at the same time. The range offers products like a packable track suit, a convertible track jacket that also serves as a vest, and a lightweight terry-cloth hoody among other standouts. All of the products intend on providing unique performance upgrades like body temperature regulation as well weatherproof materials. Check out the neutral toned lineup at End as well as other select NSW retailers.



fragment-design-x-nike-sportswear-athletics-far-east-greyscale-collection-springsummer-2013-3 fragment-design-x-nike-sportswear-athletics-far-east-greyscale-collection-springsummer-2013-4 fragment-design-x-nike-sportswear-athletics-far-east-greyscale-collection-springsummer-2013-5 fragment-design-x-nike-sportswear-athletics-far-east-greyscale-collection-springsummer-2013-6 fragment-design-x-nike-sportswear-athletics-far-east-greyscale-collection-springsummer-2013

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