If you’ve been to Virgil Abloh’s “Figures of Speech” exhibition at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Chicago, you’ve probably noticed some interesting figurines as you explore the exhibit’s “Church and State” gift shop. These collectible toys are the work of New York graffiti artist Futura. The new FL-001 sculptures depict one of Futura’s signature characters “Pointman”. The vinyl figure comes in two different colors, grey and black, and stand at 12″ tall. A much larger metallic sculpture is also available (at a retail price of $30,000).

This collaboration between Virgil and Futura has been rumored ever since Virgil was seen at Coachella wearing a t-shirt with Futura style font during his set. The invitation to Virgil’s Off-White Spring/Summer 2020 runway show was also a clear collaboration of the two, with a silhouette of Futura’s Pointman overlaid by the signature “X” Off-White motif. Is this the extent of their work together or can we expect some Off-White x Futura apparel as well?

The Futura Pointman x Virgil Abloh x MCA vinyl figures are available at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Chicago while supplies last. Galerie F in Chicago also has the black version available in-store and online.


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