Brands all over the world have been struggling with creating lookbooks due to coronavirus and social distancing measures. Some have tackled this obstacle by styling mannequins or posing in deserted locations. Billionaire Boys Club and its BBC ICECREAM imprint has taken an innovative approach with its Summer 2020 lookbook by reaching out to the artist known as GOATHE for ’90s manga-inspired illustrations to showcase the new collection.

The illustrations feature anime-style characters dressed in the label’s Summer 2020 collection. Classic BBC ICECREAM motifs appear on apparel such as tees, shorts and the stand-out gradient “running dog” hoodie. Although most of the pieces in the illustrations are for sale, there are some that are added in to give each model a unique style.

This isn’t the first time GOATHE has worked on a streetwear lookbook. Recently, The Hundreds enlisted GOATHE for its “Cliques” collection with PUMA. The BBC ICECREAM Summer 2020 collection is available now on



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