Good mornin’ everybody and welcome to the third installment of Modern Notoriety’s extensive “Game Of Thrones” x adidas UltraBOOST coverage! Today we’ll be taking a detailed look at the family we love to hate, the Lannisters. Westeros’s resident gang of overly-entitled blonde hoodlums are full of pride and will stop at nothing to ensure their bloodline ends up ruling from the Iron Throne. Speaking of blood, House Lannister’s banner colors are red and gold just like their UltraBOOSTs!!!

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Man, adidas murdered those banner colors on the House Lannister UltraBOOST!

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No lie, these Lannister joints might be our favorite of the bunch. It’s super dope how the red upper kinda looks like a raging fire with blazing red Primeknit used throughout. Gold accents and the House’s motto appear on the heel tab to round out the look (even though the Lanister’s most famous phrase is “A Lannister always repays their debts”). The House’s majestic lion adorns the inner tongue too!

via Sneaker News
via Sneaker News

House Lannister

Hear Me Roar

Full disclosure – there’s a lot of eww with House Lannister similarly to House Targaryen… aka there’s a whole lotta incest goin’ down behind the scenes (and later out in the open). The Lannisters are hella caught up in their ‘ego’s or “sense of self”. Each house member obsesses with:

  • Self-gain: Their thirst for power, gold and influence
  • self-creation: Their unrelenting commitment to family and self-preservation
  • Self-love: Their uncontrollable passion, vanity and well… brother/ sister stuff
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When “Game Of Thrones” started the Lannisters instantly activated the Spidey-Senses of viewers everywhere because we knew something was something… off… about them. Behind their façades of smiles and wealth burns a deep yearning for control. Some Lannisters are more gentle and/or less murderous than others; and that kind of diversity keeps the family from being static. Actually, the remaining Lannisters going into Season 8 have evolved considerably, all while maintaining (and strengthening) their core internal principles. Lets meet the fam, shall we?

Tywin Lannister

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Role: Patriarch… & Prick
Shot In The Heart, But You’re Too Late… (Season 4)
For half of the show Tywin forcefully flexed his influence to fulfill his life-long dream of obtaining generational power for the Lannisters. Ol’ boy was straight up ruthless, and didn’t give two poos what people thought of his plans. We knew Ty-boiii was a bad raisin every time he blamed Tyrion for his wife’s death – and in our opinion he deserved to get cross-bowed. It’s safe to say Twin’s “by any means necessary” mentality rubbed off on his daughter, Cersei too.


Jaime Lannister

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Role: Favorite Son
Evolving, like Kakuna
Jaime’s like a quarter – he’s one coin but with two very different sides. On one end he’s deeply loyal to his family’s ambitions, he’s the family protector (with his sword), and he’s super into his twin sister. On the flip side (pun intended) Jaime also has developed a great sense of ‘right & wrong’, and he can recognize the f^ups in how House Lannister operates. He’s become a much more sympathetic character for viewers to enjoy and root for. Above all, he’s on that Skywalker tip and rocks one fake hand like a true TV/Film Gggg!


Cersei Lannister

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Role: Evil Sister
Been Better
Aegon Targaryen, known as the Mad King, was killed by Cersei’s twin, Jaime; and by the end of Season 7 we saw Cersei’s official arrival into Maaaad-crazy-land. She burnt/ blew up her enemies with Wild Fire juuuuust like the Mad King plotted to do before Season 1 – we can easily see that C is THAT chick. C’s increasingly violent mindset brings the show’s theme of “power corrupts” to the forefront. You remember that song “That Girl Is Poison”? Yeah, that’s Cersei.



Tyrion Lannister

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Role: Low-Key The Best Character
Status: Thriving
Tyrion’s dope. With a keen ability to survive by the strength of his words Tyrion has escaped some crappy situations. Even though he’s a Lannister most of his family doesn’t respect him like one and throughout the show he was belittled by his sister, father and nephew constantly. We don’t blame him for joining team Daenerys – at least she treats him with respect. T-Bone has some of the best one liners and his drunk scenes are always on point. Cheers to you, T-Dawg lol.


Joffrey Lannister

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Role: Crazy Inbred Grandson  
Thank God He’s Dead (Season 4)
No ones ashamed to admit they were stoked to see Joffrey get poisoned and keel over – the boy was straight up awful. He was menacing, merciless, cowardly and annoying AF! God, the stuff he did to Sansa Stark and every other female on the show was awful. No love lost for this guy, deuces Jeff!


Tommen Lannister

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Role: Putty
“Peacccceeeeee Ouuutttt” (Season 6)
Every female in GoT knew Tommen was soft like a baby’s butt and highly persuadable. Homeboy got used by his mom, his bro-(cou)sin, and his wife – it’s kinda sad actually. He threw himself out a window after seeing his mom, Cersei kill his lady and pretty much everyone else important in Kings Landing.






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