Up next in Modern Notoriety’s “Game Of Thrones” x adidas UltraBOOST extended profile series are the icy White Walker joints! Finally, we’ve arrived on release day and we couldn’t be happier about it. Each pair we’ve covered so far have been straight fire and the White Walker UltraBOOSTs are no different. If you’ve never seen a White Walker before then check this out:

Oops! Our bad, wrong kind of White Walker 😅. We meant this kind:

An Actual White Walker

That’s more like it.

As you can see – hombres son horribles! This one in particular kinda looks like Steve Buscemi if you squint. Okay, we’ll get back to the White Walkers later. Lets talk about the actual shoes now.

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The White Walker UltraBOOSTs come dressed in a cold icy-whitish- bluish color; cus what’s cooler than being cool? Ice Cold! The colors perfectly replicate those creepy-ass White Walker eyes and in low light the shoes kinda glow like them too. The execution of these UltraBOOSTs is extremely thoughtful with each detail adding to the villain’s look. Our favorite detail is the distressed leather tongue tag that looks just like a White Walker’s tattered clothing.

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Fans of the show will instantly recognize the circular symbol on the inner tongue; White Walkers leave dead creatures in these (Mel Gibson) “Signs”-like patterns. The shoe’s heel tag is a nod to Season 8, cus them White Walkers are on the scene, baby! White Walkers would probably walk a little faster in some adidas if you ask us.

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Feel like you have a good grasp on the White Walker adidas UltraBOOSTs? Good, now lets learn a little bit about the Walkers.

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White Walkers are most definitely one of the most terrifying TV villains since “The Walking Dead.” We’re pretty much looking at badass ice zombies every time these guys pop up on screen. Similarly to zombies, White Walkers do not negotiate or show prejudice towards whom they attack – if you’re a living creature in their vicinity then you’re fair game.

They’re silent, they’re scary and they’re probably pretty stinky (you know, cus of the decaying flesh). White Walkers are controlled by the Nights King- think of him like the King Kahuna, but like… evil. Better yet, think of him as Darth Maul crossed with Sub Zero.

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We don’t know much about the Night King other than he was one of the First Men and got his powers somehow from the Children Of The Forest (according to a flashback from Season 6). Leaf of the Children Of The Forest stated in the show that they had to create the Night King because they were at war with the First Men… seems kinda drastic, but whatever.

The Night King has this crazy ability to ‘mark’ those he touches (like he did to Bran Stark) and once someones been tagged he can locate them instantly. Other than what we just covered the Night King’s history is still largely unknown. One popular theory is that the Night King is one of the first Starks, or even all of the Bran Starks at once (past, present and future) ‘ish gets confusing, just Google it if you’re curious for more cus we don’t want to dabble with spoilers.

Last time we say this gang of icy men was at the end of Season 7 as they destroyed a portion of the seaward Wall to cross into the south. They’re marching towards Winterfell to face off against the forces of the North lead by John Snow/Stark/Targaryen (whatever), Sansa Stark, Daenerys Targaryen (and her armies) and the other Houses of the North. Rumor has it that the battle for Winterfell aka humans vs White Walkers will be the longest battle scene in film history. The current record is held by the Helms Deep scene from “Lord Of The Rings: The Two Towers” so we’re beyond stoked to see what the “Game Of Thrones” team cooks up. The battle against the White Walkers has been hyped since Season 2 so we’re hoping this’ll be satisfying like a glass of lemonade on a hot day.

Be sure to check out your local authorized adidas retailers today if you’re trying to cop a pair of “Game Of Thrones” x adidas UltraBOOSTs! Thanks for tuning in for the series and good luck getting a pair! Your best shot is probably at adidas.com or Finish Line – go get em’!


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