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All Game of Thrones fans out there know April is about to be royally lit with the final season premiering April 14th. The George R.R. Martin based series has been at the center of TV pop culture since 2011 with its unrivaled rollercoaster of emotional ups & downs. We’ve grown to love and hate the show’s laundry list of characters (lets be real – only the truly dedicated fully know what the f^ck is going on) as they fight to claim the Iron Throne.

For quite some time now we’ve known about a Game of Thrones x adidas partnership centered around a set of house themed UltraBOOSTs, but now we have some official release dates slated for March 22, 2019! Since we’re on the verge of seeing both the UltraBOOSTs and Season 8 release we thought it would be fitting to give ya’ll the GoT low-down. Today we’re going to focus on the show’s defecto family of protagonists, House Stark and their adidas kicks!

House Stark adidas UltraBOOST via SneakerNews
House Stark adidas UltraBOOST via SneakerNews

Wolf-like hues never looked so good! These House Stark UltraBOOSTs feature a grey Primeknit upper, gun metal grey BOOST midsole, and black brushed suede on the heel cup and toe guard. House Stark’s famous Direwolf logo on the inner tongue and their motto “Winter Is Coming” on the heel. These are simple and battle ready!

House Stark

Winter is coming, foo’!

Note, there will be spoilers if you’ve been under a rock for the last eight years. If so, jack your friend’s HBOGO account and get busy!


Think of House Stark as the people who try to do the right thing but get always get screwed – they’re the literal manifestation of “nice guys (gals) finish last.” Lets meet the fam, shall we?


Ned Stark

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Role: Pappa Bear
 Hella dead (Season 1)
We all thought was gonna be a prime time character after the first couple episodes but ended up having his head roll in front of his kids… savage. He was Bobby Baratheon’s right hand man and leader of the North too.


Catelyn Stark

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Role: Mamma Bear
Status: Suuuper dead (Season 3)
Mannn Catelyn got done dirty! She had to watch her oldest (and most stupid) son die because his sorry ass couldn’t keep a promise; she was a real one though.


Robb Stark

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Role: First Born Dummy
Status: Straight up slain (Season 3)
Bro, Robb… you played yourself one too many times. His heart was always in the right place but homeboy’s sense of danger was on perm-snooze. Also Red Weddings are just tacky.


Sansa Stark

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Role: Most Tortured Daughter
Status: Against all odds she still kickin’
Sansa as a character has undergone the most growth throughout the show, but she’s also gone through the most -ish. She went from a girl focused on girly tings to a fierce young woman with a drive Cardi B would be jealous of. She’ll be a key player in Season 8 so watch out!


Arya Stark

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Role: Full-time Ninja Assassin Daughter
Status: Thriving
No frontin’, Arya is our favorite character. She’ll kill you with a smile or her lightning-quick baby sword. I wouldn’t want to be a White Walker when she rolls up.


Bran Stark

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Role: Charles Xavier
Status: Alive
He uses magic stuff talks to birds…


Rickon Stark

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Role: Barely There Son
Status: Given That Ramsay Bolton Special (Season 6)
Yeahhh… Rickon was kinda just there. Lets be real, no one thought he was gonna make it across that battlefield to Jon.


Jon Snow

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Role: Star Boy
Status: Triple O.G.
This man been called a bastard, hated on and killed but none of that has stopped him from *drum role* getting busy with his aunt – in his defense: a) it’s Khaleesi b) he didn’t know. Everyone thought he was just the illegitimate son of Ned’s sister, but we learned in Season 7 that he’s actually the legit heir to the Iron Throne because his daddy is Rhaegar Targaryen. Will Jon Snow take save the day in Season 8? Time can’t go by fast enough, ugh, give us the final season already!!!




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