NBA Super Star Steph Curry celebrates his 31st birthday today all while still looking 21. It doesn’t feel all that long ago when we were cheering on a scrawny Davidson point guard as he wrecked the NCAA with his long range shooting, but that undersized PG grew into one helluva baller. No player has fundamentally changed the way basketball is payed like Steph – he’s shifted the gravitational pull away from the hoop, and ushered in the ‘3-ball era.’

The father of 3 will shake-n-bake defenders out of their sneakers then go home with a smile on his face to his wife and daughters. Steph’s legitimately one of the nicest most humble people in all of sports; but don’t let the baby face and smiles fool you because he’ll Stone-Cold-Steve-Austin ya ass with a 3 from 40 feet out.

via USA Today

With three NBA Championships and two MVP Awards under his belt Steph is a sure fire Hall Of Famer; and will go down as one of the league’s greatest guards. Who would of guessed Dell Curry’s son would go from being a 6th grader shooting around pre-game at Hornets games to lighting up NBA areas across the nation.

The moment he pulled up from basically full-court against the OKC Thunder in the 2016 NBA Playoffs to win the game gives us chills to this day. There’s not a more unsettling feeling than watching Steph call his own number on offense and subsequently drain insane shots from anywhere he wants. When Chef Curry is in the zone he’s truly and utterly unguardable.

via GQ

Happy B-Day, Steph, you’ve earned everything you’ve accomplished and no one can ever take that away from you. Even better, you were born on Pi Day (3.14) and that’s not only interesting but informative too for those unaware that the “Pi Day” themed Curry kicks (by Under Armour) are a reference to his b-day and not math. Check out some of his greatest plays below and show the man some love online.


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