Snagging people off the street from all over NYC to Chicago, you don’t know where Gotham Surveyor will hit next on the globe when it comes to highlighting everyday people wearing dope fits. I actually ran into the guy behind the camera not too long ago and it was reassuring to see people doing their own thing without taking direction from others. Gotham Surveyor is currently roaming the streets of Chicago and not only highlights peoples feet, but their entire outfits as well as random city art and other things that catch their eye. This site shouldn’t go unnoticed since it’s consistently updated and always a pleasure to browse through so make sure you check out their website and hit their IG as well. Let us know if you’re feeling this site as much as we are via our FB, Instagram, and Twitter and make sure to stay up for the latest.


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Third World Born Chicagoan pursuing all things pursuable. Follow me on IG: @oscar_castillo


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