The release of the Air Jordan 10 “Chicago” caused a bit of confusion, due to some pairs that were missing the anticipated “Hangtags”. However, for those that ended up with tagless pairs, You can call 1 800 806 6453 and claim yours now. Via kream

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FYI … for all who didn’t get the hang tag’s on the Jordan 10’s you can call up Nike at 1 800 806 6453 and tell them you didn’t get the hang tag’s they will ask you for your name address and email and send them out to you …there was a packaging error on their end , they are aware of the problem and willing to fix it …………

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  1. seriously ppl do you care about a piece of cardboard and plastic in my opinion keep the fancy boxes and special treats and give me a clean quality pair that is all it matters to me

  2. @rj supreme ^. Obviously people care about it enough for Nike to listen and offer the tags. The quality of my X's is fine. But, its no secret that any retros will match the originals. The quality of these is actually pretty good.

  3. I just called the above number and the Nike representative informed that they stopped supplying the hang tags today (1-30-2012). Even though the representative was very apoligetic, I feel if you spend $159.99 for a product it should be complete and if not the manufacturer should ensure customer satisfaction especially for their higher end products.

  4. I assumed that the hang tags were the ones issued on Nike's during the early 90's. They used to be hard transparent plastic with orange paint that said Nike on the interior, approx 3 in x 3 in. Could someone give more info on the current hang tags or even provide pictures (out of curiosity)


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