huf-south park-4-20
We were waiting to see who came out guns blunts blazing today, and the droopy eyed victor is none other than HUF, one of the biggest sources for pot socks. In collaboration with Colorado’s finest South Park, a classic highlights reel has been put onto everything form T’s to socks, bags and more.

Featuring such stars as Randy and Towelie, the collection doesn’t beat around the bush, it’s pretty clear what they’re here to do. The graphic collection depicts classic moments as well as combining South Park elements with classic HUF motifs. Put down your paraphernalia and head over to cop your South Park x HUF “4/20” goods now.


huf-south park-4-20_02

huf-south park-4-20_03

huf-south park-4-20_04 huf-south park-4-20_09

huf-south park-4-20_08

huf-south park-4-20_07

huf-south park-4-20_06

huf-south park-4-20_05

huf-south park-4-20_10

huf-south park-4-20_11


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