Philadelphia-based streetwear brand Infect Co. has announced its new winter collection after taking the last couple months off. Pieces from the forthcoming collection teased so far include the “Stuck on Earth” and “Infect Travel Agency” tee.

Infect Co. is taking a stance on sustainability with the “Stuck On Earth” tee, according to the tees description on Instagram. “This piece was inspired by pollution. That shit is NASTY. Quite frankly, we don’t understand why people still litter. Super wack. Anyway, the messaging on this piece is very nihilistic because sometimes it seems like no matter hard you try to have a voice of reason – still, nobody cares.” Infect Co. has started using 100% eco-friendly packaging material to backup this sustainability message.

The “Infect Travel Agency” tee is inspired by an ad for a local travel agency. “We wanted to bootleg it and put our own ‘spin’ on the idea of a travel agency. We came up with The Infect Travel Agency – the travel agency that will take you to hell and back. Here, ‘hell’ isn’t a literal representation but rather a symbol for Earth – because let’s face it, this place sucks lately.”

The “Stuck on Earth” tee, “Infect Travel Agency” tee, and the rest of Infect Co.’s winter collection drops on the Infect Co. website on January 15th at noon EST.


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