J.Cole and Kendrick Lamar – leaders of the New Skool

News dropped recently of J.Cole’s upcoming production project alongside Slim Thug, proving that Cole can play any position in the game. Unfortunately this news on Cole’s latest project was buried under headlines surrounding the devastating, fatal, shooting of L.A. rapper – Nipsey Hustle. The game’s shook right now, and our sincerest condolences go out to Hustle’s family & the greater L.A. area he supported.

The Dreamville Records Star been droppin’ slick verses heavily during this early portion of 2019 like 21 Savage’s A Lot and JID’s Off Deez. Not to mention his randomly released banger, “Middle Child” low-key broke the steaming world when it debuted in February.

Cole’s momentum in ’19 is built upon the rapper’s colossus 2018 campaign. His album (“K.O.D”) moved units and U.S. tour sold tickets like hotcakes across the country – it was borderline impossible to avoid J.Cole in ’18 but we mean that in all the best ways. Music fans largely appreciate Cole’s thoughtful rhymes that perfectly blends street shit with real shit; there’s a level of elegance to his raps that’s undeniably powerful.

The evolution of Cole’s craft is evident when you compare his mix tapes to his flows post-2014 – he’s just found the perfect mix of growth without alienating his fan base (which, if youza real one, then you’d rock with him either way). Speaking of real ones… Jermaine loves his Jordan 1s… like, a lot. When Cole broke into the scene he’d wear a range of Jays, but for the last couple years he’s settled comfortably into the Jordan 1 (and occasional trainers/ retros). The silhouette has always been hot, yet when Jordan Brand started dropping true OG retros in 2012 the wave grew into the massive tsunami we see today; 1s are everywhere! You’ll notice a theme in J.Cole’s 1 choices below – check ’em out below, and drop a comment with your favorite Jordan 1!

J.Cole & D’Angelo Russell
J.Cole Court-side
J.Cole’s Forest Hills Drive Album Cover… Spot The 1s?
J.Cole At The 2018 NBA All-Star Game
J.Cole, Jay-Z and Big Sean
J.Cole From The Early Days
J.Cole In The Bas “Tribe” Video
J.Cole & DJ Khaled
J.Cole Circa 2012-13
J.Cole Performing
J.Cole From His “Love Yourz” Video

Lots of 2013 Chicago 1s, huh?



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