As Jay-Z continues to release a music video for us every Friday, he gifted his Tidal subscribers with an exclusive look at the “Moonlight” video where he remakes the classic Friends episode “The One Where No One’s Ready.” The visual was directed by Alan Yang and features the likes of Lil Rey Howery from Get Out as Joey, Lakeith Stanfield from Atlanta as Chandler, Jerrod Carmichael from The Carmichael Show as David Schwimmer. The ladies are played by Issa Rae as Rachel, Tessa Howard as Monica, and Tiffany Haddish as Phoebe. Comedian Hannibal Burress does a cameo appearance towards the end of the video to criticize the performance. This reenactment of Friends with an all black cast has already caused some controversy, as people ironically accuse HOV of appropriating white culture, while the Friends sitcom itself is a spin off of Living Single. Check back with us to see what video Jay-Z drops next week! Below is a scene of the original Friends episode.



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