Jeremy Scott adds a twist to the “Wings” model by adding a Native American twist to the shoe. The incorporation of the Totem pole allows the shoe to show off a multitude of colors as well as throwing in a cool war eagle style set of wings to set off the shoe. The tongue is used as a canvas to show off the top rung of the pole with a very unique face adorned with adidas logos for eyebrows.

adidas-by-jeremy-scott-jeremy-scott-totem-sneakers-03-630x419 adidas-by-jeremy-scott-jeremy-scott-totem-sneakers-02-630x461 adidas-by-jeremy-scott-jeremy-scott-totem-sneakers-04-630x419 adidas-by-jeremy-scott-jeremy-scott-totem-sneakers-05-630x419

via Hypebeast


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