Money can’t buy everything and adidas certainly couldn’t win over Jimmmy Butler and his love for Jordan Brand.

The Chicago Bull shooting guard took a huge paycut just to stay with Jordan Brand, which in his eyes was the best decision. Check out the interview below with GQ including a photo of one of his favorite pairs.

Did any of your Adidas-wearing teammates [like Derrick Rose] try to convince you to stay on Adidas?

No. No. You can’t convince me, once my mind’s made up. They already knew. I was probably telling them halfway through the season, whenever it is, “When this year’s over, y’all can count on not seeing me in Adidas. I’m gonna be straight Jordan-ed out.” Now I’m never wanting to leave Brand Jordan.

Now that you’re at Jordan, what’s it like to have every kid’s dream come true of access to all the Jordans, all the time? What’s that like, to have just any Jordan you want?

Oh my gosh, it’s crazy! Like, you’ll just get packages in the mail with just hella shoes, hella gear. You’re just like, man! You open it, you just see the Jumpman logo, you’re like, “I’m really part of Team Jordan right now!”

Growing up, did you have a favorite pair of Jordans? And do you have them now?

Yeah. I do have them now. Growing up, my favorite Jordan was probably the Ten, just because they look good, if you were to walk around in them, and they feel decent to play basketball in. So it was like the best of both worlds right there. And it was the all black ones, just because black goes with, like, everything. So I probably got about three or four of those at the house right now, just because that was my all-time favorite one. And then the Space Jam, the black Eleven.

Is there a pair that you play in more than any other pair?

I play in, like, 29s, 28s. The newest stuff. Because that’s made for today’s game. I think that the retros are more to walk around in now. And the retros was MJ’s stuff, so I let MJ wear the sneakers he wore now, and I’ll stick to the nowadays stuff.

Have you ever considered breaking out a pair of Ones for game time?

Ones?! No! No, not Ones. Maybe, like, some Threes or some Fives or some Tens. Ones! No! I can’t hoop in Ones.



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  1. my fav is probably the xi but to ball in is actually the xiv/ great shoe n tech is probably near up to today’s new kixs


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