Justin Saunders and his JJJJound imprint brings his minimalist touch to a PORTER Yoshida & Co. collaboration designed to address and reimagine lightweight packing. The collaboration will release as part of PORTER’s 85th anniversary celebration.

Yoshida & Co. have been priding themselves on their “Japan Made” handbags since the beginning of their manufacturing in 1935. In 1962, founder Kichiza Yoshida expanded his hand-sewn bags with PORTER. The utilitarian brand creates timeless designs with high-quality materials and the highest standards of craftsmanship. This coming collaboration features three nylon key pieces designed as functional shapes that combine to become an innovative and efficient packing solution.

The 2Way Boston Bag gets its name inspiration from the Japanese slang term “Boston Bag” which is used to refer to bags commonly seen on American university campuses. The Boston Bag features a large storage capacity being the biggest of the three. The 2Way Briefcase harnesses a sleek design with efficient storing compartments for documents and a laptop. The essentials pouch finishes the trio as the perfect on-the-go bag. Each bag features original PORTER JJJJound Tyvek labels and includes the original purse to commemorate the 85th anniversary of the Yoshidakaban.

The JJJJound x PORTER collection will be available on February 11th, 2021 at 6 pm EST via the JJJJound webstore, followed by a February 12th 12pm JST release on the Yoshida Kabari webstore. The items will also be available at PORTER flagship store (Omotesando / Osaka), PORTER STAND (Shinagawa station / Kyoto store), PORTER EXCHANGE (Shibuya / Osaka), and PORTER KOREA (Hannam).

Porter JJJJound 2Way Boston Bag
Release: February 11, 2021
Price: ¥46,000

Porter JJJJound 2Way Briefcase
Release: February 11, 2021
Price: ¥34,000

Porter JJJJound Pouch
Release: February 11, 2021
Price: ¥18,000


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