A second trailer has been released for the highly anticipated Joker film. The Todd Phillips-directed film depicts the origin story of possibly one of the most disturbed comic book villains.

Expanding on the first teaser trailer back in April, this trailer gives us a closer look at Joaquin Pheonix’s character, Arthur Fleck, and his slow deranged transition into the infamous clown we all know and love with never-before-seen visuals.

TheĀ Joker film will be a standalone film and isn’t following current DC Universe movies and Phillips has said this version of Joker isn’t following the comics or any previous version of the Joker (Jared Leto or Heath Ledger) and was written to explore where a person like the Joker comes from. Anyone even semi-familiar with the comics can see from this trailer that Phillips appears to be remaining true to his word.

Joker is set to get its first viewing at the Venice Film Festival this weekend with a wider release on October 4th. Take a look at the full trailer below and remember to SMILE.


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