The inevitable has finally become reality, as today we get the dreaded but expected news that 2014 will see a $10 increase in Jordan Brand pricing for their Retro models. Prices have been increasing for some time, but the interesting thing is that no matter how much they raise the price, people will still pay. Continued After the Jump.

For instance, $170 is still a decent price considering if you miss out getting it at retail your beloved J could end up costing you upwards of $400, so, from a sad, but practical standpoint this is merely a bump in the road for Jordan collectors. An interesting tactic, which has been used in a lot of luxury markets lately, would be for Jordan to up the prices significantly (as they did with the $200 Cement III’s this year) as they know you’ll pay $400, they might as well just charge $300 from the start, eliminating grey market dealers and giving everyone a chance to cop, and by eliminating the middle men who scoop up mass quantities, they’ll end up having more available pairs. It might be a while before we see that happen, but just remember where you saw it first. For the latest on everything sneaker and streatwear related, get in tune with our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.



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