jordan-cant-pickIn a recent story by ESPN reporter, Darren Rovell, the NBA has decided to restrict Michael Jordan from choosing who becomes a Jordan Brand athlete as it might offer a competitive edge to signing free agents.

In case you haven’t been following NBA drama, the Clippers have recently been fined $250,000 because they offered Clippers starting center, DeAndre Jordan, an annual endorsement with Lexus that would have made him $200k a year.  Deals like this are considered to be loopholes to the cap rules teams are held to when signing athletes.

It must be some coincidence that 6 current Charlotte Hornets players – a team which MJ owns – have been offered Jordan Brand deals in the last 7 years.  No one knows exactly if Hornets players are fully restricted from holding endorsements from the team’s owner or if Michael has to remove himself entirely from the selection process.  But we do know that one of our favorite shoe brands not only has an affect on their consumers, but also professional athletes who stand to represent one of the most iconic shoes in basketball history.


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